Accidents happen. We’re here to help.

    Adjust Chiropractic is one of the few chiropractic clinics in and around White Rock Lake designed and equipped to treat you if you are involved in an automobile accident or car collision.  Dr. Botefuhr and Dr. Maurer have a program for treating automobile-related injuries that addresses getting rid of your pain, restoring motion in the spine and/or injured joints, stabilizing injured muscles, and rebuilding those muscles through in-house rehabilitation. Utilizing a compassionate, comprehensive approach, we can actively progress you back into your usual routine and lifestyle. We often see same-day motor vehicle collisions and car accidents, no appointment necessary.

Treatment procedures include:

  • Joint and Spinal Manipulation
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Passive Therapies such as Intersegmental Traction and Electric Stimulation
  • Individualized Rehabilitation and Exercise
  • Co-management with orthopedists, physiatrists, physical therapists, and other allied musculoskeletal professionals as needed

We treat aches and pains with immediate care and attention so they do not become chronic problems for our patients. Waiting for injuries to “go away” without proper medical attention only delays the recovery process and causes difficulties in proving that your injuries were related to the accident.