Healthcare providers focus on the site of pain, but that may not be where your pain is coming from. At adjust Chiropractic, we evaluate you and your body’s movement to get to the source of the problem to helpĀ relieve pain, restore and improve biomechanical function, and elevate your overall wellness.

We understand that a trip to the doctor’s office is rarely the highlight of anyone’s day. That’s why we treat you like family when you enter our doors: to make sure this is the place you want to spend your time, effort, and energy to help you feel better and move better.

You will receive one-on-one, undivided attention from our doctors. And we love to share what we know! There’s a saying, “Knowledge is power.” We educate our patients so they are better empowered to heal faster and help prevent future injury. We provide education so you understand where the problem started and why it is happening.

Treatment plans are a team effort between you and the doctor, so you never have to feel alone.

We also offer periodic check-ups to ensure your body is moving well, staying well, and to proactively catch any injuries in-the-making.